Detroit native Amber Rayne, star of more than 500 smoking hot films, is one of the most recognizable faces (and bods!) in the adult industry. Her status is well earned, too: with an endless enthusiasm for sex, her passionate performances are chock full of the kind of red hot action that just can't be faked. Known for her intelligence, friendly attitude, and caring personality, Amber Rayne is an artist through and through. With a double major in dance and theater arts, a minor in art history, and years spent as an active equestrian and riding instructor, you know she knows a thing or two about how to put on a show! Flexible, fuckable, and fit, Amber is a sexual being on-screen and off. Active in the BDSM community, any of Amber's costars could tell you that this brunette beauty knows how to give as good as she gets!

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Amber Rayne - The Righ Path To Take In Life

Amber Rayne - Teens Like It Big

8th September - Society has had it with Amber Rayne because she's throwing her life down the gutter. She has been receiving calls all morning about her bills and she found an eviction notice on her door. With no job and no future she hasn't many answers to her lack of income. Until her slutty friend convinces her to become a whore and get fucked for money. Amber is very resistant, until she realizes that she loves to get fucked in the has really really hard. Its a very pleasant story to watch. ...Read More
Amber Rayne - The Finer Things in Life

Amber Rayne - Teens Like It Black

9th March - Amber and her rich cocky boyfriend head to the restaurant and are constantly bickering at each other. While trying to enjoy a meal, Julius walks into the restaurant and sits right beside them. Julius listens in on their conversation and decides to move in and take Amber away from her annoying boyfriend. The boyfriend gets so jealous that he storms out of the restaurant, and Julius then shows Amber that there are more important thing in life then ...Read More
Missy Stone - Anal Inauguration

Missy Stone - Teens Like It Big

27th January - Amber and Missy have the house to themselves all weekend, they decide to have a little fun by inviting Jordan and Ramon for a little strip poker. A little turns to much when the guys lose and the girls decide to take it up the ass for the first time. ...Read More
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