Andy San Dimas was always interested in porn, but never expected to be in it herself. Working at an adult video store, she thought of the girls in the porn she watched seemed glamorous, sexy, and captivating. Seeing guy after guy rent their videos, she thought it was hot that these girls were jerked off to by legions of strangers, and just like that, decided she wanted to be jerked off to as well! Browsing Myspace, she came accross a porn director, and decided to message him with a single nude picture. As soon as he saw her perky little tits, nice fat dick-sucking lips, and sexy pert ass, he knew he had to cast her. She appeared in her first adult film in December 2007, and hasn't looked back since, earning herself a devoted fan base, not to mention an AVN Award for Best Actress and an XBIZ Award for Female Performer of the Year! She's even made a mainstream appearance in the film Drive, and appeared in the first ever porn flick for Google Glass! Her career has been going nowhere but up, and so will your dick when you check out Andy San Dimas!

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Andy San Dimas - No Need To Be Shy

Andy San Dimas - Hot And Mean

24th June - Beautiful but shy Asphyxia is set for a nude modeling shoot with photographer Andy San Dimas. She has never been with a woman before and isn't sure how to Once Andy helps her get a bit loose, Asphyxia opens up and begins giving in to Andy's very hands on and sexual approach. Once she is able to make her relax, Asphyxia opens up her pussy for Andy and the two head into a passionate first time lesbian fuck fest. ...Read More
Andy San Dimas - Under the Covers Investigation

Andy San Dimas - Dirty Masseur

9th September - Officer Andy San Dimas has a bright future ahead of her on the Vice Squad. But she's been trying to break this one case for ages. Who's the dirty masseur charging money to finger-bang all the sweet pussies in the neighbourhood? Andy knows the only way to catch this guy in the act is to lay down on his table and nab him trying to offer a happy ending. ...Read More
Andy San Dimas - Game Of Dick

Andy San Dimas - Pornstars Like it Big

20th February - Juelz is a pornstar, but is she a porn legend? A pornstar must master their craft before they can truly join the elite. Does Juelz have what it takes? Can she master the solo scene? The girl on girl? The big dick? She'll have to play the Game of Dick to find out. ...Read More
Big Tits At School

Adriana Sephora - Poetry Cunt Slam

Adriana Sephora - Hot And Mean

17th January - Two poets face off in a Poetry Slam Andy has literary ambitions and has written a serious poem called Mirror, while Adriana has prepared something sexier Teasing the audience with her tits and desire to suck audience cock, Adriana is a clear winner Enraged that her literary genius has been overshadowed by such cheap slutty tactics, Andy decides to give Adriana exactly what she wants, slamming her cunt the way only a slam poet can ...Read More
Andy San Dimas - Anarchy In The USA

Andy San Dimas - Pornstars Like it Big

24th October - Andy is a streetwalker who unsuccessfully panhandles in downtown Hollywood. One day she meets a good Samaritan by the name of Johnny who offers her $20 and a ride back to his place for a meal, a shower and a romp in the sack that she won't soon forget. ...Read More
Andy San Dimas - One Fuck Over The Nurses Cunt

Andy San Dimas - Doctor Adventures

8th September - Johnny is sent to a mental institution once again because he mischievously fucked a girl in public. Maybe this time he will learn to behave, since Nurse Andy is in the house taking care of all the wackos. Her appetite for hard cock is insatiable and it's time for her to feed her need for seed. ...Read More
Andy San Dimas - Sexy Doctor Takes Advantage Of Male Nurse

Andy San Dimas - Doctor Adventures

17th February - Andy is a doctor and she has been having fun teasing and bossing around Keiran, who is a male nurse. A doctor at the hospital humiliates Keiran and this pisses off Andy, so, to get even with the doctor, she rejects him and starts coming on to Keiran in front of him, and they start taking this way further than just flirting. To put the final burn on the doctor, she sucks and fucks the shit out of Keiran. ...Read More
Andy San Dimas - Pornstar Bachelorette

Andy San Dimas - Pornstars Like it Big

8th November - Scott and Patrick are the finalists in Pornstar Bachelorette. In this last episode, Andy has to choose one of them in the rose ceremony. Patrick is an affable gentleman with romantic sensibilities, while Scott is a cad with douchey sensibilities. The choice seems easy enough, but Scott has a huge dick. Who will she choose? ...Read More
Andy San Dimas - New Neighbourhood Slut

Andy San Dimas - Real Wife Stories

20th September - When new neighbours move into Keiran's neighbourhood, he can't help but notice the hot wife next door married to an old man. Every morning he wakes up to a personal show put on by her in her backyard. Once Keiran's wife notices, he is forced to go over there and take care of business. ...Read More
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