Anissa Kate is one smoking hot exotic babe. When asked how she got started in the industry, the sultry sex kitten replied "I watched many reports about the pornstars, and it made me furiously eager to do that! I used to study Economics, and I felt very far from porn business. But fortunately, I met a man who was working in this industry, and he became my boyfriend...We had long conversations about positive and negative sides of being a porn actress. Finally, I decided to start my career in September 2011." Thank goodness for that Boyfriend of hers! Guilty pleasures? "I have a big appetite, I love to eat and I like to cheat with Chocolate and Caramel. I do a lot of sports to compensate". Check out her other hot scenes on

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Anissa Kate - Dr Gangbanger Banger

Anissa Kate - Doctor Adventures

26th April - Anissa Kate is a doctor with a limitless cock craving. When Johnny is dropped off at the hospital with a bullet wound, she doesn't see a new patient, she sees an opportunity for dick riding. Rather than following protocol and reporting Johnny to the authorities, Dr. Kate takes him to the hospital basement, where she can slide his criminal cock into her wet pussy away from the prying eyes of the hospital staff. ...Read More
Anissa Kate - MoneyBalls

Anissa Kate - Baby Got Boobs

18th April - Keiran Lee is balls-deep in debt. He's defaulted on his loan to pornstars Anissa Kate and Zoe Voss. Now he's about to pay for his financial delinquency. Anissa and Zoe charge into Keiran's home and aren't about to leave until they're satisfied with whatever he can offer as a substitute. I wonder what it could be... ...Read More
Anissa Kate - Anissa Kate- CEOhhh

Anissa Kate - Big Tits at Work

16th February - Johnny is a stressed out exec who needs to come up with fresh new models to save his job. The naturally buxom and beautiful Anissa Kate is Johnny's only superior and, though she's all the way in France, no distance is great enough to keep her from checking up on her subordinates. She needs more from Johnny and his office. And she's gonna get it! ...Read More
Big Tits At School