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Mika Tan - Motel Entertainment

Mika Tan - Big Wet Butts

4th July - TJ got stuck at the local motel and the television didn't seem to work. He called the office and they guaranteed him entertainment. Forty minutes later two big ass Asian sluts showed up at his door. He was baffled but did not refuse their wolrd famous ASS treatment... ...Read More
Priva - 1-800-BIG WET BUTTS

Priva - Big Wet Butts

23rd May - Keiran was having a regular afternoon when he fell upon an ad in a magazine. This ad guaranteed big wet butts 24/7 , eager to find out if it was real, he called up the number and 20 minutes later an Asian butt goddess showed up at his door. Surprised by her appearance Keiran was speechless. She pounced on him like a wild animal and the ass worshiping began... ...Read More
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