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Jacky and Erik are happily married, but for the first couple months of marriage they seemed to have lost their spark in the bedroom. When Jacky was home alone, she would satisfy herself in all the ways that Erik couldn't until one day he caught her and her secret stash of dildos and put the spark back in their sex life.

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Blonde, Couples Fantasies, Sex Toys, Wife, Big Tits

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Erik Everhard


Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 01)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 02)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 03)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 04)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 05)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 06)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 07)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 08)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 09)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 10)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 11)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 12)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 13)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 14)
Jacky Joy - Bone Alone (Thumb 15)
Big Tits At Work

Jacky Joy - Storage Whores

Jacky Joy - Baby Got Boobs

22nd August - Ramon has been bidding at storage auctions for decades. Well, today he's about to strike gold. After having the winning bid for a seemingly lame storage unit, Ramon is pleasantly surprised to find Jacky Joy hidden in a box. It's all about buried treasure. ...Read More
Jacky Joy - F is for Fucked

Jacky Joy - Doctor Adventures

15th November - Christie and Jacky are first year med students who get paired up in anatomy class and manage to fail their first assignment. Prof Dr. Johnny decides to play patient to determine who will go further for the perfect grade. ...Read More
Jacky Joy - Titty Tipping

Jacky Joy - Big Tits In Uniform

16th March - Jacky is sick of not making any tips, and needs to think of a way to finally make a buck. The cook suggests a novel idea: Jacky should stop being a bitch and try to make the customers happy! And to get that jar overflowing, why not start by putting those huge titties in their faces? ...Read More
Big Tits At Work

Jacky Joy - Tits N TV

Jacky Joy - Big Tits In Uniform

28th March - Keiran has been waiting for the cable company all day. After hours of waiting, Keiran comes face to face with Jacky. She's been in the cable business for a long time, and she can always tell how big a man's cock is by looking at their TV. She's gonna give him the cable TV ride of his life. ...Read More
Jacky Joy - Get Your Tits Off The Year Book

Jacky Joy - Big Tits at School

14th February - A slutty student on the Year Book committee keeps submitting pages of photo collages showing nothing but her tits. She deletes the Math Team pages and the Football Team to make room for more photo spreads of her tits. When the Chief Editor of The Yearbook catches on he is furious and confronts her. Its up to her to prove that her tits are the most important thing in school and require a lot of exposure. ...Read More
Jacky Joy - Substitute Cock

Jacky Joy - Big Tits at School

16th December - Busty blonde babe Jacky Jones is just chilling in french class waiting for her teacher to get there when some random dude comes in and starts staring at her big tits. Her jock boyfriend throws the dude's books all over the ground, but it turns out that it was Mr. Jones, the substitute teacher! So Mr. Jones does what any good teacher would do and decides to teach that jock asshole a lesson by fucking his girl Jacky right in front of him! Jacky shoves that fat french cock into her soft lips, big tits, and wet pussy while her boyfriend watches, and then smiles wide as Mr. Jones busts a nut on her glasses! ...Read More

Jacky Joy - Hidden Affairs

Jacky Joy - Hidden Affairs

7th September - Jacky wanted to get fucked by a horny couple and sneaks into the Madison's house to watch them get on each other. When the duo finds her watching, they take advantage of the nymph and munch on her lovely cunt. She begs for more and Ryan obliges with his rock hard meat stuffing her box while Kelly rubs her clit. The three fuck senseless unti... ...Read More
Jacky Joy - Jacky Motherfucking Joy's Creamy Pussy

Jacky Joy - Big Tit Cream Pie

10th October - Ahhh Creampie sundays, what a lovely day it is. Today we have the gorgeous Jacky Joy, this philly girl sure knows how to have fun and flaunt her massive 32DD mountains. Her body is sexy as fuck, thick legs and a jiggly round ass. Talon comes through and gets straight to the point and serves this pussy justice pounds her bright pink pussy till he fills it to the top with warm baby juice. This scene is by far one of the best I have seen in a long time. Enjoy ...Read More
Jacky Joy - Jacky Joy Swallowing Mandingo's Load

Jacky Joy - Jacky Joy Swallowing Mandingo's Load

7th April - Jacky Joy Swallowing Mandingo's Load. Swallowing Mandingo's load come last, first Jacky teases in an electric blue and white lingerie outfit that'll make your dick sit up and take notice. A voluptuous blonde and fourteen inches of big black cock add up to an interracial whirlwind of depravity. You'll see. ...Read More
Big Tits At Work

Jacky Joy and Richie in My Wife's Hot Friend

Jacky Joy - My Wife's Hot Friend

14th July - It looks like Jacky is going to tie the knot, but not until she gets one more fuck in with Richie! Richie is coming over to drop off an undergarment for a wedding dress and is also picking up some brides-made dress for Richie's wife to try on. Richie talks Jacky into fucking him before she has to fuck the same dick for the rest of her life! ...Read More
Jacky Joy - Jacky Joy Interracial Facial Blast

Jacky Joy - Jacky Joy Interracial Facial Blast

28th November - Jacky Joy Interracial Facial Blast. Big fucking tits, a huge accommodating ass and a blonde haired addiction to cock has Jacky Joy wrapped around Lex's truncheon for a bout of fucking and sucking. From LEX THE IMPALER 7 watch this black on blonde crime. ...Read More
Jacky Joy - 500th Part 2 of 3

Jacky Joy - 500th Part 2 of 3

2nd August - The circus adventure continues with Kelly & Lester on the hunt for talent. They come across a lion tamer named Chester who seems to be more preoccupied with taming pussy than working with big cats. He has caged up Anikka & Jacky & is whipping them to their delight. Kelly likes to 'test' out her talent & can't resis... ...Read More