Lexi Love - Lesson Learned The Hard Way (Big Butts Like It Big)


Scene Description

Lexi Love goes into the men's bathroom to do her make up. Criss goes in to take a piss and tells Lexi that she is in the wrong bathroom. Lexi tells Criss to fuck off and shows disrespect for his big cock. Criss leaves the bathroom just to come back with Security Guard Ralph Long. Both Ralph and Criss show Lexi to respect big cocks by fucking her in every hole as Lexi learns the lesson the hard way.

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17th January - Lexi meets the rapper of her dreams when she's invited to the recording studio to witness first hand how shit goes down up in there. This black man knows what to do when white pussy is in his face, he drops platinum cream on her's! ...Read More
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Lexi Love - Quest for Thirst!

Lexi Love - Big Wet Butts

30th January - Jordan doesn't know how long he's been lost in the desert but he knows that if he doesn't get hydrated, his dead body will soon be found by starving vultures. As he slowly succumbs to his demise, he sees a door and a goddess-like figure with the most perfect wet butt calling him over and holding a bottle of water. He needs the water and wants that big wet butt so he crawls towards the door and drinks the cold water off her perfect round cheeks. ...Read More
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Lexi Love - Big Scary Cock

Lexi Love - Teens Like It Big

10th March - Lexi and her friend are watching a scary movie when Jordan walks in the room complaining about the loud screaming... They apologize and Jordan goes back to sleep. When Lexi's friend goes to get some snacks, Jordan comes back and gives Lexi something to scream about, his big scary cock in her starfish!!! ...Read More
Lexi Love - Fill My Anal Keyhole- A Builders Guide

Lexi Love - Big Butts Like It Big

8th March - Its been known that laziness breeds habits that are hard to reverse, and in numerous occasions Lexi has left the hard work undone hoping that it would just take care of itself. Ralph gets really upset and decides he better fuck her just so he can get something out of the nothing she does. ...Read More
Lexi Love - Anal Virgin In Your City

Lexi Love - Big Wet Butts

13th June - Lexi is curious to find out what it would be like to get fucked in the ass. She has always been an anal virgin and can?t wait any longer to find out what it would feel like to have a big cock inside of it. She finds Marco on sexinyourcity.com and shows him her ass on her web cam. She tells him that she is a little frightened, but she would like him to come over to give her her first lesson in anal fuc ...Read More

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Lexi Love - Ruth Blackwell

Ruth Blackwell - Ruth Blackwell

23rd August - Lexi Love has ass for days. She's so fucking lucky that she has a magnet for black cock that she calls an ass. Today we let our naughty sides shine through as we massage Jon Jon who has a body that made us soaking wet. The back massage was something he got into. The moment we massaged his third leg is when he went insane. I'm trying to get Lexi to understand the power of interracial sex and she doesn't seem hesitant anymore. Actually, she couldn't wait for her pussy walls to have a big ebony cock fuck it for all its worth. Wait until you see the creamy mess he made on our faces. Massage therapy has never been this fun! ...Read More
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Lexi Love - Dive your big dick in my ass

Lexi Love - Dive your big dick in my ass

17th November - Jordan has got a crush on the hot lifeguard!He heard through the grapevine that she is a big anal slut!He wants to get her attention but doesn't know how. He decides to fake like hes drowning!She pulls him out to resuscitate him and then he shoves his tongue down her throat!!Lexi brings him inside to scold him and Jordan then admits to her that he has a crush on her. Lexi like the slut she is fucks him and even gives up her ass!!! ...Read More
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18th August - Billy is picking up his dad's girlfriend Lexi so they can go to his birthday party together. But Lexi has better things to do than to hang out with her old boyfriend, like lounging around by the pool. Billy can't believe how ungrateful Lexi is until she shows him how appreciative she can be, as she wraps her lips around his cock... ...Read More