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Boss Brandi Edwards is trying to find a way to solve a conflict between co-workers Tanya & Danny. Tanya is craving Danny's cock but he just doesn't want to give it to her, so she comes up with a sexual harassment story to try to get him fired. They'll have to kiss and fuck to make up and keep their jobs.

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Work Fantasies, MILF, Blonde, Business Woman, Big Tits, Boss


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Big Tits At School

Brandi Edwards - Fucking The Mechanic

Brandi Edwards - Mommy Got Boobs

4th July - Brandi's husband never spends time with her because he is always busy with work. She decided to fuck up his car so he would stay home but he took the bus. Brandi in turn had to call a mechanic to fix the car. When Justin showed up she couldn't resist his manly form and she offered herself to him... Once he saw her tits he just had to put his dipstick in her hole. ...Read More
Brandi Edwards - Stealing that big cock

Brandi Edwards - Milfs Like it Big

28th September - It's so obvious that Brandi Edwards wants to bang her daughter's boyfriend because he has a HUGE COCK!! She is just waiting for the perfect opportunity to get the guy to fuck her hard!! Her daughter also figured it out and asked Brandi to stay away from her cock. But Brandi wouldn't take that kind of attitude from her daughter. So to teach her a lesson, this BIG COCK CRAVING MILF decided to fuck her daughter's boyfriend and rub it in her face... ...Read More
Brandi Edwards - You Drive A Hard Boner Bargain

Brandi Edwards - Mommy Got Boobs

5th November - Brandi Edwards is trying to sell her house because of her recent divorce. Keiran Lee inspects the house thoroughly and informs Brandi that she'll have to spend upwards to 10,000 dollars to get her house on the market. Brandi seduces Keiran to lower the costs. Let's just say that when all is said and done Brandi wont be paying a thing. ...Read More
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Tanya James - Boner to The Rescue

Tanya James - Pornstars Like it Big

13th July - When there's trouble-a-brewing, Jack boner gets a call. It's his job to save the day and his mission to save sexy bitches from insidious villains. However, this makes him a target for terrorists like Tanya. She has her mission as well and she will stop at nothing to complete it. ...Read More
Tanya James - Dont Be Ashamed!!!

Tanya James - Doctor Adventures

25th June - Barry is ashamed to come back to Dr. James' office for the second time this week. The problem is he jerked off too hard and popped a blood vessel in his dick!!! Dr. Tanya will use natural medicine to fix this one... A dose of oral and vaginal techniques should do it!!! ...Read More
Tanya James - Double Vag Canal

Tanya James - Day With A Pornstar

6th August - Tanya James is spending a beautiful day out on Lake Mead with a bunch of friends. The day is packed with swimming, barbecuing, and interesting wildlife. To top things off, Tanya gets slammed by a young stud in the hot Las Vegas sun. ...Read More

Brandi Edwards - My Best Friend's Sexy Mom!

Brandi Edwards - Milf Soup

18th February - So I was playing video games at my best friend's house, when suddenly her mom step in with some groceries. She was so hot and sexy. One of those moms i like to fuck (MILF). So she went to the kitchen and started making a delicious pie, just like her, delicious. So i was checking her out, when out of nowhere, she called me. I was surprise she call me. But the next thing I know I was touching her tits and licking her pussy. She then started blowing me and giving the best head i have ever had. I don't know if it was because she was my best friend's mom or it was just that she was sexy as hell. Then i started fucking her! In all the positions, even doggy that I love. And suddenly, i woke up. It was all a dream, FUCK! But still in my mind like if it really happen. ...Read More
Tanya James - Naughty Girl

Tanya James - Naughty Girl

5th January - Today we are following the naughty Tanya James to court where she is appealing her traffic violation. When she's finished with the stress of the day all she wants to do is get fucked. When she gets in touch with her favorite fuck friend James Deen, she becomes incredibly anxious that she begins touching her pussy until she gets James Deen's hands all over her. ...Read More
Brandi Edwards - Slam It Even Harder

Brandi Edwards - Slam It Even Harder

8th May - Blonde babe Brandi Edwards and luscious Faith Leon have some pussy play before recruiting the help of a more than eager stud to curb their cock urges. ...Read More
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