Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Big Tits at School)


Scene Description

Mr. Dera is giving Savannah one last chance to pass her woodwork class. Her last assignment is to make an object which can be used at home. Only one thing comes to her mind: a big wooden cock! He'll not be amused by this and will show her that a real cock is way better!

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Bubble Butt, Black Hair, School, School Girl, Big Tits

Big Tits At Work

Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 01)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 02)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 03)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 04)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 05)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 06)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 07)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 08)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 09)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 10)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 11)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 12)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 13)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 14)
Savannah Stern - Shaping Up for the Future (Thumb 15)
Big Tits At Work

Savannah Stern - The best way to wake up

Savannah Stern - Pornstars Like it Big

13th August - Porn star Savannah Stern is a real big cock lover so when she went over her friend's house and found her friend's brother sleeping on the couch with half his huge cock sticking out of his underwear she couldn't help it and jumped on it without thinking it twice!! Obviously he was surprised to wake up and see Savannah naked on top of him but he wouldn't ask any questions and certainly not pass on the opportunity of banging his sister's horny friend and giving her the pounding of her life!!! ...Read More
Savannah Stern - We Can Make A Lot Of Money, But Lets Fuck First

Savannah Stern - Doctor Adventures

23rd December - Savannah's patient is not recovering from surgery properly. Johnny is telling his wife, the patient, his plan was to marry her for her money and take it all when she dies. Savannah explains him that she found a way that will help his wife recover. He tells Savannah that he can give her all the money in the world if she ignores her breakthrough and let nature take its course in exchange to fuck her. ...Read More
Codi Bryant - Swapping Mates

Codi Bryant - Real Wife Stories

10th August - Best Friends Cody and Savannah talk about their respective sex lives and come to the conclusion of trying a swap when they find out they are each into the other?s mate. Their respective husbands are at first apprehensive, but eventually agree to it in order to make their wives happy. ...Read More
Big Tits In Sports

Savannah Stern - Sexsomnia

Savannah Stern -

26th February - Savannah is annoyed of finding her roommates used condoms around the house. When she confronts her about the situation she finds out it's not her who is leaving them around. Savannah's roommate explains how her sexual behavior has been out of control lately and it might be caused by a disorder called Sexsomnia. Savannah decides to go to the doctor to have her brain scanned but she ends up getting a lot more checked out then she wanted to. ...Read More
Savannah Stern - Beer Spill

Savannah Stern - Baby Got Boobs

14th January - Savannah had a great night out where she met John. She is now back in John's flat for a drink. He pulls out all the moves that are in the player's handbook. He pulls out a classic by spilling beer on Savannah's chest. Trying to clean it up, John fondles Savannah's tits just enough to get her going to have her last drink straight from his tap! ...Read More
Kitty Bella - Do  We Have To Share the Our Guy

Kitty Bella - Hot And Mean

2nd October - Kitty and Savannah are best friend, always talking about random guys they fuck. But today, they find out that both have been fucking with the same guy. And they decide having some girl on girl action instead of pushing each other. ...Read More

Savannah Stern - Ruth Blackwell

Ruth Blackwell - Ruth Blackwell

11th January - You know why Savannah Stern makes a great update this week? Cause my pal Spring Thomas first introduced her to black dick about a year and a half ago, and just as the old cliche goes, once you go black, you never go back. She didn't either! I mean you can pay to fuck her if you're a white guy, I think, but if you're a black man, you're getting It for free! I hear she even lives with a beautiful black man now. Today a guy who calls himself Sledgehammer pounded us both, just like the tool he's named after. Look how stretched out I was! I can't believe I didn't rip in two! HAHAHA. Savannah's such a BCS and a Size Queen, well, let's just put it like this: there were no worries about her! XOXO - Ruthie. ...Read More
Savannah Stern and Chris Johnson in My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

Savannah Stern - My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

31st May - Chris wakes up on Sunday to make himself some coffee. Suddenly his father's new girlfriend Savannah, comes rushing into his house with 2 armloads of supplies. It seems she wants to join the guys for Sunday football. Chris is pissed because its boys only at his house on Sundays. Savannah wants to stay and she has a surefire way to persuade him. ...Read More
Savannah Stern - Katie Thomas

Katie Thomas - Katie Thomas

26th June - Hi guys! How is eveyone? I know I am great because my sister Spring's friend Savannah Stern is here today. Savannah is a converted black cock slut. My sister introduced her to black cock a few years ago & now she just cant get enough. Today Deep Threat is here to pound our little pussies. I really love Threat's big black cock & I hate to share it cuz I want it all to myself. ...but it's nice to share with such a hot little slut, so I do. And Savannah thanks me for it! :) ...Read More
Big Tits At Work

Savannah Stern - Savannah is a Size Queen

Savannah Stern - Can He Score

26th November - This week we have the very beautiful and voluptuous Savannah Stern. She is so freaking hot!
Savannah Stern - The Main Event- Friend or Fo

Savannah Stern - The Main Event- Friend or Fo

13th November - Women can either love or hate, there is never a middle ground. So after years of friendship between Savannah and Natalie the only thing that can separate their love is a big mofos cock. The winners takes it all. ...Read More
Savannah Stern - AVN with Savannah

Savannah Stern - AVN with Savannah

2nd February - Miss.Savannah Stern was gracious enough to let us follow her during the AVN Convention in Las Vegas. Who wouldn't want to follow her sweet ass the whole day!If you know anything about Savannah, you know she not only has one of the best bodies in the industry but she is a total blast to be around!The fans absolutely loved her and we got all the footage baby!Even of her in her hotel room with her boy toy for that evening!! ...Read More