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Cristal Caraballo - Teasing Toes (Brazzers Exxtra)

Cristal's coming for you and there's no use trying to resisting that thick ass or pretty face. Get ready to rip open those sheer black pantyhose and enjoy her teasing toes...
Brazzers 'Teasing Toes' starring Cristal Caraballo (photo 4)

Big Tits In Sports

Cristal Caraballo - Teasing Toes (Thumb 01)
Cristal Caraballo - Teasing Toes (Thumb 02)
Cristal Caraballo - Teasing Toes (Thumb 03)
Cristal Caraballo - Teasing Toes (Thumb 04)
Cristal Caraballo - Teasing Toes (Thumb 05)
Cristal Caraballo - Teasing Toes (Thumb 06)
Big Tits In Sports

Cristal Caraballo - Fresh Off The Boat Milf

Cristal Caraballo - Bang Bus

23rd November - The Bang Bus strikes again! this time on the streets of Hialeah. We came across this hot milf waiting for the bus. She didn't speak any english what so ever, but money speaks louder than words. We flashed some dough and got her to hop on the bus. Once on the bus we gained her trust and slowly she started showing us the goods. Once her monetary needs were met, it was time for Bruno to go ham on that pussy. He slammed her pink hole all over the bus before busting a giant load all over her Hialeah face. ...Read More
Cristal Caraballo - Slamming My Hot Cuban Maid

Cristal Caraballo - My Dirty Maid

12th February - So I called the Maid service and they sent over the hottest maid I've ever seen in my entire life. She had a huge ass and gigantic pair of titties. After watching her clean my apartment for a bit, I couldn't take it anymore and asked her to clean my house topless for a few extra bucks. After some convincing she complied, and eventually I managed to get her to go full nude. As she's cleaning in the nude, I whipped my dick out and started stroking until she noticed what was happening. From there, her lips seem to be magnetized to my lock cause she came running needing a little taste. I slammed the shit out of my maid. All over my living room, making yet a bigger mess. At the end of the day, we all left happy. She got to clean and get a couple of extra bucks and I got to nut all over that pretty little face of hers. ...Read More
Cristal Caraballo - Worthshiping Cristal Caraballo Enormous Ass

Cristal Caraballo - Ass Parade

12th December - The guys find and picked up an ass worth parading today. Cristal is a fully staked milf that works at sub shop but got convinced to have some fun for some serious cash. We quickly find out that this chick not only have big tits with an ass to match but that she can also give a good dick sucking. Cristal started to deep throat after showing off her amazing big ass that led to her getting fucked with a bare cock. You guys will get to see that big ass bounce while she rides on cowgirl and doggy style. She ended up taking a big load to her face to end the day right. ...Read More
Big Tits At School