Ariel X - The Angry Strippers (Hot And Mean)


Scene Description

Ariel and Evelin really don't like each other. Actually they straight up hate each others guts. When Evelin finds out that Ariel has been blowing her boyfriend, she snaps. She bites off a little more than she can chew however, not realizing that Ariel is one tough bitch.


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Big Tits At Work

Ariel X - School Girl Initiation

Ariel X - Hot And Mean

16th March - Chloe's unpacking her things and moving into a new boarding school when Marlena and Ariel come to give her a cold welcome. The two girls tell Chloe that this is all part of the initiation for every school girl and Chloe quickly agrees to do anything so she can fit in. Marlena and Ariel later abduct Chloe in the middle of the night, take her to an empty classroom and show her exactly what the initiation will be: total pussy and anal carnage! ...Read More
Big Tits At Work


Rizzo Ford - Beautiful, Powerful Blonde Wrestler is Destroyed on the Mats

Rizzo Ford - Ultimate Surrender

27th September - London River is a tall beautiful big tittied blonde. With her long muscular legs she towers over many of the wrestlers on the Ultimate Surrender roster. Hence the name "Tower" for London's wrestling Moniker. London is strong and determined but is that enough to take on Ariel X. Ariel X knows London is a beautiful tan barbie and she thinks London is just another pretty face that she can sit on. She doesn't think London is going to be able to put on much of a fight. However, London comes out very strong in the first round and because Ariel has under estimated her, London is able to take advantage of Ariel and seduce her on the mats. The wrestling is back and forth with both girls getting fingers into each other. The tensions are high which typically leads to orgasms on the mat. The wrestling gets to these powerful athletes and one succumbs to orgasms on the mats. The stronger wrestlers pounces on her prey, traps her opponent on the mats, hand gags her, smothers her, licks her armpits and kisses her until the weaker wrestler is drained dry from cuming and cuming again and again on the mats against her will. The winner is hoisted into a back breaker rack, made to deep throat strap on cock, folded into a pretzel and fucked deeply with a lesbian strap on cock. The loser is spanked, fisted and fucked anally until her asshole is left gaping open. Then the winner picks the loser up in a fireman carry and she is carried out to be fucked all night by the winner. These wrestlers have explosive chemistry. Two hot blonds with big tits fighting for control in an ultimate sex fight. This is a true "winner takes all match" The winner fucks the loser any way she wants. ...Read More
Ingrid Mouth - Promising Rookie Gets a wake up call from Ariel X

Ingrid Mouth - Ultimate Surrender

27th March - Ariel X is Blind Folded and takes on the #1 ranked Rookie for season 12. This could be her undoing. Will Ariel X get fucked by a rookie?
Ariel X - The Dragons vs The Goddesses Round 2 of the Semi-Finals Match up.

Ariel X - Ultimate Surrender

12th January - Live Audience full nude, non-scripted Tag Team Wrestling. Nothing faked!
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Ariel X - Ariel The Assassin X (0-0) vs Savannah The Cupcake West (0-0)

Ariel X - Ultimate Surrender

15th September - Girl next door can't stop her opponent from fingering her during Wrestling.
Ariel X - Blonde Bombshell Extreme Squirting and Electrosex LIVE!

Ariel X - Electro Sluts

3rd July - Ariel X & Aiden Starr shock Dylan with electroplugs, dildos, strap ons, violet wand & sticky pads. Dylan takes ANAL fucking, fisting, & SQUIRTS!!
Ariel X - Ariel X and Mellanie Monroe Hey after wrestling do you two want to come down stairs

Ariel X - Device Bondage

1st October - 2 hot athletic MILFS bound and made to cum.